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As We Know World Wide Different Countries Using Different Grading Scale In Colleges, Universities And, Schools. But Here We Have The Most Used Grading Scale The GPA Calculator 4.0. This 4.0 Scale Is Used The Most In World Wide Educational Institutes Specially In The United States And Canada. On 4.0 Scale A+ Having 4.0 Value In It. But In The United States And Canada, Their Colleges Using Weighted GPA Calculator And Unweighted GPA Methods. Where In Weighted GPA We Have Some Advance Classes Like Honors, College/AP, And IB. An Unweighted Method Has Its Regular Value Where A+ = 4.0. You Can Also Check Your GPA With the Cumulative GPA Calculator

How To Use This GPA Calculator 4.0 ( Instructions).

Step One: First Of All Type Your Subject Name In The First Input Give (Optional).
Step Two: Second Step Put Your Total Credits Of That Each Subject Which You Type In The First Step.
Third Step: The Third Step Select Your Grade That May Be A, Or B, Etc. Now Also Select If You Wanna Weighted GPA Or an Unweighted GPA Which Is Also Called Regular One.
Final Step: Now After Selecting Grades Now Click Calculate GPA Button After That Next To You. You, Will, See Your Result. And If You Need More Subject And Semester To Add Just Click Those Below Buttons.

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